No man is an island. We all need others around us; whether that’s to encourage us, inspire us or to simply be close by. Our work life is no different. In this digital age and gig economy, more and more of us are increasingly working remotely and for most people that means working at home. While there are excellent benefits such as flexibility, home comforts and less travelling, there are also obvious flaws.

We are both remote workers ourselves, so we know how tough it can be. Many feel isolated and distracted by children, housework or TV. Some find their work and home lives merging making it a bit too easy to tip that fine balance.

Our vision for StonesThrow is to combine the convenience of home working with the benefits we can all gain from working alongside others. We want our space to be:

  • Flexible
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • A short commute
  • An antidote to isolation
  • Able to redefine the work-life balance

Who are we?

Who are the two behind this space?
Perhaps you’re curious to know.
One is Emma, the other Jon;
We welcome you to StonesThrow!

It grew from our big aspirations
For our own home and work goals.
We put together our skills and talents
And took on these business roles.

I’m the slightly quirky, chocoholic one;
Friendly, empathic and driven.
I enjoy helping others and learning,
Kindness and inclusion are a given.

Jon is a natural born leader.
He adds clarity and finesse.
He has a great way with people.
His choice of cars may impress!

Together, as the saying goes,
We’re greater than the sum.
That fits quite nicely with this plan,
To share that with everyone.