Why Shop Small and Local?

We've all seen a big push for people to shop locally this Christmas but why is it so important? Here's our top five reasons why we should all be trying to shop local and the best resources to help you do it! Read more →

Shopping locally made easy

Read all about our Small & Local Christmas Gift Guide and how it came about... Read more →

Business Spotlight: Hilary Crundwell on Chronic Pain

Hilary Crundwell is a local cognitive hypnotherapist and she would like to offer free sessions to anyone experiencing chronic pain. Here she describes what happens in the brain and body and how hypnotherapy techniques can help... Read more →

Business Spotlight: Beth Cook Design

Beth Cook is a graphic designer and runs her creative communications agency Beth Cook Design from her studio in Crowborough. Read more about Beth and her business as well as reading her top tips on maximising your brand identity... Read more →

Business Spotlight: Kimberley Johnson, Local Content Writer

Learn a bit about Crowborough based content writer Kimberley Johnson and how she could help your small business flourish... Read more →

Supporting Our Community: Making the Most Of Our Facilities

At StonesThrow, our vision is to combine the convenience of home working with the benefits of working side-by-side with others. From the outset, we wanted to offer more than just a coworking space by offering businesses and individuals the chance to develop in a supportive environment. Read more →

Take a virtual tour of our coworking space!

We have created a 360 degree virtual tour of our coworking space, to allow visitors to you take a look around our facilities from the comfort of your own home! Read more →

Making the Most of Your Coworking Membership

We believe that we can achieve more when we work together. Our open, shared office space is designed to bring people together and to encourage small businesses to support one another. Read more →

Guest Blog: Chailey Heritage Foundation

Do you need a challenge to get you moving out of lockdown? Local charity Chailey Heritage Foundation tell us a bit about the fantastic work they do for children with complex physical disabilities and how you can help to support them during this time. Anything from 5k to Everest! Read more →

Supporting Local and Making Local Connections

Many people have a wish to support local businesses, especially during a time like this. As a consumer there can be great advantages to shopping local but some barriers to getting there. So what's out there to help you shop local and is there a local connection you'd like us to introduce you to?... Read more →

Virtual Networking & Events at StonesThrow

At StonesThrow, we have hosted a range of networking events since we launched our space in 2019. We’re lucky enough to have provided the physical space and facilities for local networking groups such as Crowborough Connections. Read more →

StonesThrow: Meet Our Members

We feel privileged that so many skilled business owners, freelancers and individuals have decided to choose our coworking space as the home of their business and the centre of their operations since we opened. Read more →

StonesThrow: Our Journey So Far

This blog reflects on the StonesThrow experience so far, as individual business owners and as an organisation as a whole. Read more →

Guest Blog - Guiding your Business in this Changing World

Local Business Mentor Chris Dowling explains the importance of business planning as we come through the coronavirus crisis and offers some advice on how to get started... Read more →

Are you procrastinating? Then there is no excuse not to read this blog…

This blog explores the idea of including four key elements in your working patterns: creativity (or input), logical thinking (or planning), action (or doing) and analysis (or reflection) Read more →

Keeping physically and mentally healthy for productive working

When working from home, or not at your regular desk, it is important to make sure you get your work space, routine and headspace set up as well as possible. Here are a few tips for keeping your body and mind in tip top shape for productive working. Read more →

The right team rituals to keep remote teams connected

The current situation has forced many of us to consider how we can keep our remote teams connected. This article explores how team rituals can be used as a tool to do just that. Read more →

What are the best video conferencing platforms for colleagues?

As part of our Productivity Hub, we have highlighted and compared a few of the main contenders when it comes to using online video conferencing software. Read more →

The correct way to set up your workstation to avoid long term injury

We have put together our very own workstation graphic based on the best available open-source information that we have found online from a range of specialists. Read more →

Expert tips on maintaining good working relationships when working remotely

We have put together a few tips that could help you to improve your processes and positively impact your professional relationships when working remotely. Read more →

5 of our favourite remote software products that could help to boost productivity

We have put together a list of remote working software products that could help you to boost your productivity while working remotely. Read more →

How to maximise your productivity when working remotely

We have put together this guide as part of our Productivity Hub, to offer our advice and tips to maximise your productivity when working remotely. Read more →

How to Turn your New Year Motivation into Positive Change

The new year brings with it a fresh start, new motivation and possibly added pressure too. The holiday season has finished and it's time to act on the changes you want to make from the new year which can be both scary and exciting. This year feels like even more of a fresh start being a new decade as well. As one of our members said "2020 sounds like the future!" But how can you hold on to that motivation and turn it into something that is truly going to impact on your 2020? Read more →

How to get your business out into the world

So you've come up with an awesome idea. You've spoken to lots of others who all agree. You've done all that hard work to get your business set up and now you need to spread the word. But it's a minefield out there! There are so many options! I do not profess to be an expert, far from it, but here are my tips for getting your business out into the world... Read more →

Designing our Coworking Space

To mark what is for us a very significant moment in time, I wanted to give you some insight into what went into designing our coworking space; it started long before we got the keys! Read more →

What it takes to start a business; our coworking journey so far!

In our social media recently, we have been posting a lot about our reflections of starting a business because although we're not quite up and running yet, we have done a lot of the ground work behind the scenes. We're really proud of what we've achieved so far and excited about the future possibilities of our coworking space. Here's the low down of key lessons learned and skills needed for all you budding entrepreneurs like us out there! Read more →

The Importance of the Small Business Owner

A business owner wants their business to thrive in order to create a good life for them and their family. But money generated from the economy goes far beyond the individual business owner... Read more →

What is coworking anyway?!

Not sure exactly what coworking is or what the benefits might be? Then have a read! Even if coworking is not for you, I hope you'll share in our vision for the possibilities that could come from our Crowborough coworking space! Read more →

Networking in the Blooming Brilliant Business Community of Wealden

Wealden is well known for its rural beauty; from the rolling hills of the South Downs, to the open heathland of the Ashdown Forest. But we have found a less well-known asset in the local business community. Read more →

Coworking: it's not about desks, it's about people

Our discovery of the importance of community in coworking... Read more →