Business Spotlight: Kimberley Johnson, Local Content Writer

Kimberley Johnson is a local content writer from Crowborough, East Sussex, with a passion for small businesses. Through her work with premium business news website, she aims to help companies deliver high-quality PR which creates a narrative for their business.

By working hand in hand with companies, she creates content that they are both happy with and can be used for PR or marketing purposes. If businesses have a landmark to celebrate or a new element of their business launching then Kimberley is there to help broadcast this and add fuel to their fire. Recently, she met with Phil Napper of Crowborough-based Spring (Europe) to discuss their success through the pandemic and exciting projects on the horizon

Industries UK is ranking in News Apps with thousands of impressions per month as well as working with Google News. In addition to this, they work hand-in-hand with and marketing agency to help businesses unlock untapped revenue sources. Past clients include LVMH, Google Emerging Business and Warner Bros.

To find out more about what Industries UK can offer to you and your business or discuss a project, Kimberley can be contacted on: or via LinkedIn