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Coworking: it's not about desks, it's about people

Our discovery of the importance of community in coworking... Read more →

What is coworking anyway?!

Not sure exactly what coworking is or what the benefits might be? Then have a read! Even if coworking is not for you, I hope you'll share in our vision for the possibilities that could come from our Crowborough coworking space! Read more →

Designing our Coworking Space

To mark what is for us a very significant moment in time, I wanted to give you some insight into what went into designing our coworking space; it started long before we got the keys! Read more →

StonesThrow: Meet Our Members

We feel privileged that so many skilled business owners, freelancers and individuals have decided to choose our coworking space as the home of their business and the centre of their operations since we opened. Read more →

Virtual Networking & Events at StonesThrow

At StonesThrow, we have hosted a range of networking events since we launched our space in 2019. We’re lucky enough to have provided the physical space and facilities for local networking groups such as Crowborough Connections. Read more →

Making the Most of Your Coworking Membership

We believe that we can achieve more when we work together. Our open, shared office space is designed to bring people together and to encourage small businesses to support one another. Read more →

Take a virtual tour of our coworking space!

We have created a 360 degree virtual tour of our coworking space, to allow visitors to you take a look around our facilities from the comfort of your own home! Read more →

Supporting Our Community: Making the Most Of Our Facilities

At StonesThrow, our vision is to combine the convenience of home working with the benefits of working side-by-side with others. From the outset, we wanted to offer more than just a coworking space by offering businesses and individuals the chance to develop in a supportive environment. Read more →