Expert tips on maintaining good working relationships when working remotely

Expert tips on maintaining good working relationships when working remotely

Maintaining good working relationships when you work remotely, with your colleagues, staff members and your clients is an art to be mastered. It takes time, patience and skill and there is no one recipe for success.

There are however, a few tips that could help you to improve your processes and positively impact your professional relationships when working remotely.

Many of our clients have come to StonesThrow when they are at the point where they are growing as a business and looking to establish their client-base, equally we have members who have switched from a fixed office to a flexible working space. This has positioned us well to offer some advice from both ends of the spectrum.

Utilise video conferencing software to stay in touch with colleagues

For many of us, video conferencing software has really come into its own in the last few months. It might be the first time that you have had to use it and you have been thrown into the deep end in terms of understanding which platform is best suited to you. Or, it might be that you have used it before a few times for one purpose and are now realising it’s valuable in other areas.

Whatever the case may be, you should certainly not forget the value that it can have in helping you to maintain your working relationships, whether it be with your colleagues or your clients, maintaining that visual connection is hugely beneficial.

We’ve put together a list of available video conferencing tools and which one is best suited for your business our article 'What are the best video conferencing platforms for colleagues?'.

Check in on your colleagues and team

This may seem obvious, but working remotely can affect people in very different ways. If you are one of a team of colleagues who are suddenly working remotely, remember to check in on your team to make sure they are coping ok.

Not only will this benefit the productivity of your team as a whole, it will bolster your working relationships.

If you are worried about your colleagues or staff who are struggling during their time working remotely, there are some things you can do to help:

• Ask them how things are with them – avoid unhelpful comparisons or mentioning how difficult it is for you or anyone else

• Ask what you can do to help them - Encourage them to seek help if they need it

• Always assess risk – If you are truly worried about their wellbeing then you should seek help on their behalf

Remotely socialise with your colleagues

Yes, for many of us our work and our social lives are two separate things. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look to break these barriers and engage with your colleagues outside of working hours.

A text message, email or WhatsApp message outside of working hours about something non-work related can bond you and your colleagues in a new way. It can show you have been truly listening to them at work and that you have an interest in the things they have been saying.

In time, this will strengthen your working relationship.

Host remote team-building events

If you are a manager or a business owner who is in charge of a team of remote workers, why not arrange some team-building exercises online?

There are lots of things you can come up with which will engage your staff and wider-team. They don’t all have to be work related. Why not host a quiz or a ‘show and tell’ meeting for each colleague to introduce their work location?

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone

When working remotely, you can often go a whole day without actually talking to your colleagues. Emails are fine but it’s not quite the same as hearing your colleague’s actual voice speaking to you.

As well as this, phone calls or video calls normally mean you can get the answer you’re looking for much quicker. Pick up the phone next time you need to ask a question about a specific type of work and you’ll probably get the answer faster, with the added bonus of some conversation.

At StonesThrow, we are used to working with our clients to help them maximise their productivity when moving from their previous working environment and into our shared office space.

We welcome our members to impart their knowledge to each other, both through meaningful business connections and via our Productivity Hub.

If you are an existing member of StonesThrow, please feel free to submit your articles to help advise on your industry related tips that can help with productivity. If you are not currently a member of StonesThrow and would like to find out more information about our coworking space located in Crowborough contact us today on 01892 710968 or email