How to Turn your New Year Motivation into Positive Change

The new year brings with it a fresh start, new motivation and possibly added pressure too. The holiday season has finished and it's time to act on the changes you want to make from the new year which can be both scary and exciting. This year feels like even more of a fresh start being a new decade as well. As one of our members said "2020 sounds like the future!" But how can you hold on to that motivation and turn it into something that is truly going to impact on your 2020?

Firstly, the key thing is to use the focus and motivation to your advantage and set out your goals. What do you want to achieve in a personal and professional sense? How are you going to achieve those things? And in what timescale? They could be about growing your business or perhaps about changing the way you work. I'll give you a few examples from the goals we set ourselves 18 months ago when we started talking about setting up our own business:

  • Ultimately we wanted more flexibility in our work life
  • Ability to spend more time as a family
  • Learning new skills
  • Meeting new people
  • A successful business that also gave value back to the local community

So you've set your goals, you've broken them down into tasks and you have spreadsheets underway. But you've actually got to do them now which can be the hardest part. There are a few things psychologically that can help keep you motivated:

  • Having achievable expectations for you that fit around your other commitments and lifestyle.
  • Having a clearly defined workspace and allocated time to work
  • Being around others who are like-minded or going through similar challenges
  • Keeping away from other things that could distract you during the time you have set aside to work

For us, these have been added benefits of working in our coworking space; there is definitely something about getting into the work frame of mind. And something even better about walking out and going home guilt-free to spend time with family knowing I've had a productive day. I think part of this is being really focused on those goals and spending time on the right things. This brings me to another important point which is to make sure you regularly check in with your goals and what you're doing to work towards them. This will help you to stay focused and make the changes you want rather than just doing the daily grind.

My final recommendation; make sure you celebrate your achievements, reflect on what you've done and mark it in some way. I wonder what we'll all be celebrating this time next year?!!