Shopping locally made easy

Back in June last year, I wrote a blog about the importance of the small business owner and shopping locally. The world has changed since then but the basic economic principle of giving back to the local economy still exists as well as the greener benefits of products travelling less to get from creator to consumer. Since March, we have seen both economic disaster and ingenuity and creativity with new businesses popping up and old ones diversifying their offerings.

There has been a huge social push to shop with small, local businesses to try and support them to recover at a time of year that for many businesses is key. But even with the Christmas boom and the motivation from many to support small and local this year, there is still a problem. How do we know what's out there? These businesses are just not visible or easily accessible unless you know about them. That's why we wanted to bring these businesses together in one place on our gift guide.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for you to do your Christmas shopping with these creative, innovative local businesses and have them accessible all from one place. We have categorised each business to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Each business is showcased with an image and description to tell you what they offer. We have linked to Instagram or Facebook pages so that even if you're not making purchases, if you like the look of a business you can support them in other ways: liking their pages, engaging with their posts, recommending them to friends and family - ultimately helping their presence grow.

Many of these businesses we already had connections with through our coworking space, hence why we felt we were well placed to set this up. We've been thrilled with the response! We launched with 50 shops and in 2 weeks that has grown to well over 100!!

In a year where there is so much we can't control, it is even more important to support one another. Businesses and communities together.

You can view the gift guide at:

Happy shopping!!