StonesThrow: Meet Our Members

Our members are at the heart of everything we do here at StonesThrow.

We feel privileged that so many skilled business owners, freelancers and individuals have decided to choose our coworking space as the home of their business and the centre of their operations since we opened.

When people decide to join us, we provide them with both the physical infrastructure and facilities that they need to thrive, as well as the support of our own efforts to amplify their voice. We try wherever possible to facilitate connections between members and make meaningful introductions with other businesses in the local area.

We offer more than just a desk to our members. We give them the platform they need to succeed.

Who are our members?

The truth is, our members span a wide range of industries and business sectors, each with unique skills and attributes.

We don’t specify on business types when we accept members, it simply comes down to practicalities in terms of the support and infrastructure that we can offer and the suitability to your business. If we can accommodate you and your business and you are happy with the facilities that we offer, then you are welcome to join us at StonesThrow.

When thinking about becoming a member of a coworking space, it is important to understand the other businesses that you will be sharing the space with. We understand that the nature of business means you may want to know more about who you are sharing the space with. We’re always open and upfront about our membership and will be happy to discuss any concerns you have about privacy or suitability in terms of your business. We respect the privacy of every one of our members.

Due to the nature of our coworking space and the flexibility of our offering, our membership fluctuates at different times of the year. Currently, we accommodate a range of businesses including:

Viki Carey

Viki runs Estate Legal Solutions; an independent Wills and Estate Planning service. She comes to StonesThrow to get her head down and she can often be found by the printer as her job comes with a lot of paperwork!

Gordon Berry

Gordon works for a larger business and comes to StonesThrow to help him manage his work-life balance and ensure that time with his family is just that! He finds working at home all the time can be quite a challenge in this respect and having a dedicated workspace really helps. As he’s now working remotely full time StonesThrow helps him break up the working week and gets him out of the house!

John Abbott

John is an independent Utility Warehouse provider who organises plans for multi-utility services. His line of work means that he is out and about quite a bit, so his plan allows him some valuable dedicated computer time. StonesThrow is a good base for him when he is meeting with Crowborough clients.

Tessa Hewitt

Tessa is an experienced freelance graphic designer and she uses StonesThrow to get away from distractions and be more productive. And she needs to be; she is a busy woman as she also has her own t-shirt company, Positive Tee, with her own designs.

How we support our members

When you become a member of StonesThrow, you are joining our coworking family. We will support our members at every point in their business journey.

We aim to facilitate connections between our members and other businesses in the wider area. Using our knowledge of the area as well as our own connections, we will help to provide you with the right introductions you need to thrive.

We also encourage collaboration and interconnectivity between members at all times and our members application is built to support this. With the permission of each member they can share their profile so other members can see who they are and what they do even if they have not yet bumped into each other.

Adapting to a time of change

Currently of course, many of our existing members are working from home. We understand that and believe it is the right thing to do in these circumstances.

However, that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to offer the same level of support to our members regardless of the current situation.

We are continuing to offer support through our new online platforms, including our Productivity Hub and Community Hub. Each providing a platform for our members to learn and engage online.

We actively include promotion of our members as part of our long-term marketing plans, meaning that becoming a member of StonesThrow will also give you the opportunity to amplify your own voice and reach more people online and in person.

We will continue to help our members stage their businesses, whether within or outside our walls and we will be ready, as soon as they are, to welcome them back into our space.

Becoming a member: what to expect

Becoming a member couldn’t be simpler.

We offer a range of flexible membership plans to choose from depending on your own personal situation. We have designed packages to suit everyone but we can also discuss your requirements on an individual basis.

If you would like to have a look around the space, we can arrange safe tours in person as well as online visits. We also offer free trial days for anyone who would like to try the space out.

For more information on pricing please visit our pricing page. To chat about specific requirements, feel free to contact us directly here.