Supporting Local and Making Local Connections

Many people have a wish to support local businesses, especially during a time like this. As a consumer there can be great advantages to shopping local, including:

  • Boosting the local economy - I talk about this more in my blog: The Importance of the Small Business Owner
  • You'll have a named contact of someone who lives nearby and the opportunity to build a positive working relationship with that person; they'll likely become your 'go-to person' for that industry.
  • You'll receive a more personalised service and, with fewer customers, they are more likely to care about the experience you have with them.
  • You know where they are and how to reach them easily
  • They sell one-off items
  • Products will have travelled less and are likely to have less packaging, meaning it is often the greener option

So we know using local businesses is a good thing but it's one thing wanting to support local and quite another trying to identify a local business that could meet your requirements. Larger businesses have the advantage of being household names, coming to the top of Google and having lots of reviews to support them. They are often easier to find and their brands feel comfortable and reassuring when we've heard of them before.

Companies like Not on the Highstreet and Etsy have managed to create a household name which smaller businesses use as a platform to break some of these barriers. More recently, with Covid-19 altering the global market and a more ethically-conscious society in general, there is new-found demand for shopping local and therefore a need to make smaller businesses more accessible. We've noticed recently more websites are beginning to pop-up to act as directories for local businesses and to help make them easier to find. We wanted to share some local directories with you;

We can also offer a personalised introduction to local services. Through our journey in setting up StonesThrow we have built many connections with local businesses in the area, not just those that use our coworking space. Therefore, we'd like to use this knowledge to help our community and local businesses. If you are looking for a specific local service for your business or personally, get in touch and ask if we know of anyone.

To ask for a connection simply email us or use the button on our Community Hub.