The correct way to set up your workstation to avoid long term injury

Moving from one workplace to another will often result in the set up of a new workstation or having to adapt your existing workstation to your new space. It’s very important then when you do so, you consider your body and wider health in your approach.

We have put together our very own workstation graphic based on the best available open-source information that we have found online from a range of specialists.

Please feel free to print this graphic and share it with anyone who may be suffering from discomfort as a result of their new working environment.

Text-based guide:

  1. Keep your head balanced and not leaning forward
  2. Sit back in your chair and ensure you have good back support
  3. Keep yours relaxed and by your side
  4. Ensure your forearms are parallel to the desk
  5. Keep adequate space behind the knee
  6. Keep your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest
  7. Ensure your eyes are roughly level with the top of the screen
  8. Make sure your screen is approximately an arm’s length from you

At StonesThrow, we ensure that all of our work stations are set up in the most comfortable way for all of our members. We welcome members to use their own furniture or specialist healthcare equipment to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible at all times.

We are also happy to discuss and facilitate, wherever possible, personal equipment that you might like to use in our coworking space.

We welcome our members to impart their knowledge to each other, both through meaningful business connections and via our Productivity Hub.

If you are an existing member of StonesThrow, please feel free to submit your articles to help advise on your industry related tips that can help with productivity. If you are not currently a member of StonesThrow and would like to find out more information about our coworking space located in Crowborough contact us today on 01892 710968 or email

Disclaimer: We are not healthcare or workplace ergonomic professionals and are brining together multiple resources into one cohesive straightforward guide to setting up your workstation. These resources are listed below so you can read the original content for yourself. If you are unsure about any specifics in this guide contact a specialist for more assistance.