The Importance of the Small Business Owner

I am certainly no economist but as a novice I can see what a delicate and complex balance it is to get right. A business owner wants their business to thrive in order to create a good life for them and their family. But money generated from the economy goes far beyond the individual business owner. A good business will first benefit the customer who buys their product or experience; providing things to see, do, use and enjoy. That thriving business may then expand, creating more jobs for local people to provide for their families. Through taxes, that business will also support universal and specialist public sector services such as education, the NHS, services for protecting vulnerable children and adults, transport and housing. Budgets for these services are set based on the taxes both central and local governments receive and governments are constantly having to navigate these very complex decisions which we all have our views on; hence the arguments of politics! So in this very simplified explanation you can see that businesses do in fact have an impact on everyone in the local and national economy.

East Sussex itself is an interesting county with some large and thriving towns and lots of rural areas that we all enjoy. Tourism is a vital part of our local economy and we certainly have the beauty of our county to thank for that. However, being spaced out also means there is a huge time resource spent on travel meaning services are likely more costly. We are also closely located to London which has its positives for sure but it means many businesses are conducting their business there rather than closer to home and that means local people could be missing out. This is one of the reasons we're so passionate about our coworking space as we feel it could support local businesses to have more presence here and to use other local businesses for tasks that they outsource. Surely that can only be a good thing!

You will likely have seen a national push for people to 'shop local' and we all think of that as supporting the 'little man' but that is not the way I see it. Supporting local business is really about supporting everyone.