Virtual Networking & Events at StonesThrow

Coworking space has always been a natural fit for business networking and events.

At StonesThrow, we have hosted a range of networking events since we launched our space in 2019. We’re lucky enough to have provided the physical space and facilities for local networking groups such as Crowborough Connections. We have also platformed business events by Pratt Digital , Business East Sussex, and family law specialists Kay & Pascoe LLP among others. Our large, open and spacious rooms lend themselves perfectly to these kinds of events.

Instead of issuing court proceedings Fiona Connah of Kay & Pascoe LLP represented her client in Arbitration at StonesThrow. No-one needed to travel a long distance and instead both parties had plenty of space and privacy and a local venue in which to try to resolve matters. We were able to set up the space to their requirements and of course tea and coffee was on tap!

Being so close to Jarvis Brook and very close to Crowborough train station with links to the surrounding areas, we’ve never had any problems with attendance!

Now of course, things have changed.

Traditional business networking and events have been put on hold across the UK as the coronavirus pandemic continues to effect how host venues are able to operate. However, that hasn’t stopped networking organisers across the country from adapting and continuing to connect attendees through online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Virtual networking innovation

Since lockdown, local networking groups have shown real innovation in staging and platforming their events online, where physical events are not currently possible.

We have seen traditional speaker-to-guest formats moving to zoom (and other online conferencing platforms), as well as quirky new virtual ‘rooms’ for speed networking and rotational networking sessions popping up online.

As organisers and attendees continue to come up with innovative ways to meet and connect safely, we have noticed an increase in people utilising existing spaces to deliver online events where more space is required.

Using coworking space for online workshops and virtual meet-ups

Most traditional networking groups have been able to operate remotely with varying success, via online video platforms and with speakers and guests attending from the comfort of their homes.

Others, such as groups and workshops (where space is required to demonstrate things), have ground to a halt as the space and facilities at home aren’t always capable of platforming things in the same way. Where this is the case, coworking spaces have provided a great alternative solution for business owners and professionals to stage and deliver their groups and workshops online, independently and within the current health guidelines. An individual is able to host a virtual event alone, but broadcast the event live, with the luxury of a large, open and indoor space that is fully connected and has all the facilities needed to deliver long sessions.

If you are looking for a space to host and deliver online virtual networking events or workshops; if you need more space than you have available at home; and if you are looking for somewhere warm and dry, that you can be sure is safe and accessible – look no further!

Opportunities to host virtual networking events and online workshops at StonesThrow

As we ease ourselves out of lockdown, we have been working hard to ensure that all guidelines have been met and that we are safe to open our doors to members and guests as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we have been working to establish new capabilities and service offerings for those looking to utilise the StonesThrow space for new opportunities such as virtual networking and online workshops.

If you are considering local space for this purpose, we would love to talk! We are also able to arrange a time to show you around the space (either online or in person at a safe distance) and explain a bit more about our facilities.

Safety must always come first

As you would expect, we have always taken the health and safety of our members and attendees extremely seriously and in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic we are taking all precautions necessary to ensure that our space is safe.

Physical events will be back in the future!

The final thing to mention is that we will undoubtedly be back to host larger networking events again in the future. Currently of course, we are following all the guidance and guidelines from the UK government.

However, we will once again open our doors for face-to-face networking and events in the future. So, if you are interested in discussing any future opportunities or to arrange a time to view our space, please contact us and we will be happy to help.