What are the best video conferencing platforms for colleagues?

If you didn’t know already, you will have recently found out that there are a huge number of video conferencing platforms available out there.

Many video software companies market themselves for particular purposes or to support specific industries, but the truth is that they are very similar in their offerings.

Below, we have highlighted and compared a few of the main contenders when it comes to using online video conferencing software.


It may be one of the older kids on the block, but Skype has evolved in many ways over the years and developed into a robust video platform that can be used for both professional and personal purposes. The free accounts for Skype allow you to make video, voice and text calls to other users, anywhere in the world.


Zoom is a meeting platform which offers video conferencing and messaging for desktop as well as mobile devices. It is very quick and easy to set up and has a range of scalable features depending on specific user requirements.

Unlike many other conferencing apps, Zoom offer HD video and audio and can support up to 1,000 participants at the same time, with 49 videos shared on a single screen! This is a fantastic platform for larger companies who may be considering permanently moving their staff to home or remote coworking environments.


Perhaps a lesser-known video conferencing and screen sharing software, TeamViewer is a fantastic platform to offer support to your colleagues and clients when you are working in different locations. You can have direct video, audio and text calls as well as screen-sharing and remote desktop functions that let you take control of someone else’s computer.


GoToMeeting is a standalone web-conferencing service provided by LogMeIn. As expected, it provides audio and video conferencing, as well as screensharing.


BlueJeans is a video-conferencing service designed for the digital workplace. Not only does it allow you to collaborate with video, audio and web conferencing from anywhere, it also allows you to host and livestream interactive events.

One great functionality of the platform is you can break out into different ‘rooms’ and then all re-join the main call at any time. Perfect for those quick one-to-one chats which arise from larger meetings.

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