What is coworking anyway?!

We've been out and about chatting to the good people of Crowborough, Rotherfield, Uckfield and Heathfield about our coworking vision and have come across quite a few people who weren't exactly sure what coworking is. So we thought a simple explanation might be in order!

What is coworking then?

Coworking is essentially working alongside others in a shared office setting. So as a member you rent a desk (which could be anything from 1 day a week to full time) on a short term monthly contract. Different spaces vary on plans and what is included but many, including ours, include tea and coffee, servicing, kitchen facilities and regular social events. Essentially members are coming together to share the expenses and facilities of an office rather than having to rent an entire office to themselves. Plus they have the benefits of people around them to boot! Coworking is essentially a solution to a modern problem.

And what are the benefits of coworking?

Well, where to start?! I'm going to break it down into 2 main categories. First, the perks as an individual:-

  • It helps with the work-life balance by making sure your home is your home again. You don't need to feel guilty about relaxing at home when you feel you should be working, or working when you should be concentrating on personal time, because it helps redefine those boundaries for you.

  • Beat isolation; you don't have to feel lonely anymore

  • You don't have other distractions like at home; children, the washing, Netflix!

  • You don't have to have a long commute to your company office if you can work in a local workspace.

  • You can make new friends

  • You'll have access to social events; we're thinking wine tasting and bring a dish events. We're open to suggestions!

  • Access to break-out space for a coffee and a chat when you need it.

  • You can be involved in your local community through charity or other events.

  • Support the local economy by keeping business within the area rather than moving out to bigger towns and cities. It's all about loving where you live and making the area more prosperous!

  • You can easily book directly through the website.

  • You can change your plan on a monthly basis to suit you so you might choose a higher plan in the school holidays for example.

Secondly, the perks for your business:-

  • You'll likely find you're more motivated and productive when you are around others who are working hard.

  • You have the opportunity to meet potential clients using the space

  • You have the opportunity to meet potential collaborators using the space

  • The members in the space will form a local working community and having a presence would help you to be more well-known within that community and beyond with the power of word of mouth!

  • Over and above networking alone, you are getting to know other local businesses and working alongside them.

  • Got a meeting in London? You can walk to the station with trains directly to London.

  • You can invite clients in to a professional meeting room.

  • You have the potential to grow your business and take on an extra pair of hands without having to fork out for an entire office (so it's cost effective too!)

  • You'll have access to business events with talks from business mentors and others in the know.

  • You'll have access to networking events.

  • You never know when an opportunity or an idea is going to come along but having access to more people will make it more likely to happen. The whole is greater than the sum so who knows what you'll achieve!

  • Coworking is flexible for your business so you don't have to book a desk full time. We offer plans from 1 day a week to full time.

Phew; I think that just about covers it. So it may be for you, it may not be, but I hope this helps you to share in our vision about the potential of coworking in Crowborough and beyond!